Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Good morning! I am praising God for a new day. It may be cold outside, but inside I am blessed to have 4 walls and a rooftop, with central heat and air. May we go forth this day counting our blessings!!!!

How Weigh Down Helped Me Lose Over 250 Pounds!

Andy SorrellsI was always the biggest and tallest kid in school. I weighed close to 11 pounds at birth and just went up from there! By the high school years, I had become very anti-social, very angry, and generally depressed. Even though I went to church growing up, all that I knew to do was to eat. My first year of college, I dropped out and was diagnosed as manic depressive. I started taking a variety of prescriptions to help me overcome this. I also began experimenting with numerous illegal drugs because frankly the doctor prescribed medications weren’t helping. On top of this, I was SO deluded in my own selfish pride that I thought everyone else was the problem. I thought they should change and I should be accepted for who I was. My life was quickly spiraling down,with seemingly no hope for the future. On September11th, 2001, I finally got fear. I realized that life was short and that I seriously needed to makesome changes. I met Maggie in 2000, and we were married in August of 2002. She had read Rise Above and done Weigh Down at Home and had had great success. Unfortunately, she gained some ofthe weight back while we had dated. At the end of 2002, she called the Weigh Down offices and got into a Weigh Down Advanced class. I watched her change emotionally, spiritually and physically. We joined Remnant Fellowship Church in February of 2003, and I took a Weigh Down Advanced class myself. Within 18 months, I had lost all of my weight, down 257 pounds!!!! I had also come off anti-depressants and the illegal drugs and am now full of joy and hope!!!!! - Andy

Weigh Down Helped Me Lose 300 Pounds

I want to praise God for the truth that has come from the Weigh Down Workshop. It is the only program that has ever loved me enough to tell me the WHOLE truth! I was raised up in the church and was thought to be a "good Christian girl,"but what does that mean? Well, I can tell you what it doesn’t mean. I was spoiled. I grabbed and got what I wanted when I wanted, never knowing that it is so detestable to God. I was very greedy for food, that got me to 440 pounds. I also would cut myself with a razor blade from my wrist to my elbows. I would steal and lie. I had sexual sins that make me want to throw up just remembering. I had 20 credit cards and owed over 20 thousand dollars in credit card debt alone.

I never knew until Weigh Down's teachings from the Bible, just how spoiled I was. It was so deeply rooted in my heart, that I still pray that God will scrape my heart so bare that nothing but love and devotion to him remains. It truly disgusts me to see that spoiled nature try to come up; never do I want to miss his spirit again. I used to be convicted of something days after it happened, but never enough to change. Now I want to change and never do it again. Praise God!! Praise God, I don't have to destroy his temple like I used to do again. Praise God for removing 300 pounds from my morbidly obese body!! A miracle!

Praise God he continues to teach me to be led by his spirit with the money he has blessed our family with. I praise God for being taught how to be a wife and a mother, and that he has blessed me with a godly husband and a beautiful son and daughter and true friends that tell me the truth and help when I have a need. Thank you God for Weigh Down, for this freedom, for all your blessings and for this true relationship with you!